Decaffeinated - Sumatra Mandheling - Swiss Water Processed

$ 15.95

Region: Sumatra

Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor, Typica

Aroma: Herbaceous, tobacco

Body: Syrupy, heavy

Tasting Notes: Woodsy & Dried Fruits

Finish: Low acidity, smooth

This the decaffeinated version of our low-acid, uniquely heavy bodied Sumatra Mandheling. A heavy bodied, syrupy cup with intoxicating aromas of cedar and notes of dried fruits. 

The Swiss Water Process is an environmentally friendly, chemical free way to produce coffee that is 99.9 percent caffeine- free. The water used is sourced from the coastal mountains of British Colombia, which produces a bean that tastes clean and offers up a cup with great taste.