Decaffeinated Bridge Street Blend - Swiss Water Processed

$ 12.95
Origin: Indonesia, South America
Aroma: Intense
Body: Full
Cup Notes: Dark Chocolate & Burnt Honey
Finish: Long, heavy
The Bridge Street Blend is a complex blend of decaffeinated Pacific Rim Coffees and robust French roast. It is full-bodied, rich and smooth with light acidity.

Methods of Brewing for Drip Brewer

Tools needed to brew

  • Drip coffee brewer
  • Grinder (preferably with burr blades)
  • Filtered water
  • Digital scale 

Instructions for Brewing

  1. Weigh out 5-55 grams of beans on digital scale.
  2. Use a medium grind for the beans.
  3. Place filter, either paper or reusable, into brew basket and pour in your ground coffee.
  4. Pour filtered water to top of reservoir. Temperature should ideally be between 200-205°.
  5. Press start.
  6. Enjoy with your favorite mug!

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