Now that you are all set up with our delicious coffee, it’s time to learn how to brew your own perfect cup to start your mornings off right. The brew guide below will go a long way to ensuring each and every cup you brew is one of perfection!

Chemex & Pour Over

Tools needed to brew:

- Digital scale

- Timer

- Grinder (preferably with burr blades)

- Gooseneck kettle (creates a more even pour)

- Chemex filter

- Chemex pot

Brewing Steps

1. Weigh out 24- 28 grams of coarse ground coffee and 450 grams of distilled water.

2. Place your filter inside the Chemex pot and wet to mitigate any paper taste from being included when you start to brew and warm the pot up. Pour out any remaining water.

3. Place ground coffee in filter and shake to even grounds out for an even pour.

4. Take your kettle and starting in the center of the filter gently pour out 50 grams of water, smoothly working your way to the edge of the grounds. At the end of the pour, you should see the coffee start to expand or “bloom”. Wait 45-55 seconds to allow for total saturation.

5. Pour about 200 grams of water into the center of the grounds and slowly work your way to the sides, being mindful to avoid wetting above the ground line at the top of the filter. At this point you will have created a “slurry”. Let the water work its way through the grounds.

6. Repeat this step the same way as the previous one. Slowly add another 200 grams of water and wait for the water to extract the last few tasty bit of oils and flavor out of the grounds.

7. Let the brew sit to allow for complete extraction.

8. In total, the time it should take to complete this brew is between 3.5- 4.5 minutes. If the extraction comes along too fast, set your grind to a smaller setting. If it takes too long, set the grind for at a larger setting.

9. Find your favorite mug and enjoy!

French Press

Tools needed to brew:

- French Press

- Digital scale

- Timer

- Grinder (preferably with burr blades)

- Kettle

Brewing Steps

1. Weigh out 35 grams of coffee and 520 grams of water.

2. Grind the coffee to a coarse setting.

3. Place your grounds inside French Press pot and pour 65 grams of water over grounds.

4. With a long skinny spoon or knife, gently stir in a circular motion the slurry you made.

5. Let the coffee “bloom” for about 30 seconds.

6. Take your remaining water and pour gently over the grounds. Place plunger on top of pot but do not push down just yet. Set your timer for 4 minutes, let the coffee steep and then push down on the plunger for a very satisfying feeling. If you meet any resistance when plunging down, your grind is too fine. If the plunger does down too easily, your grind is too coarse.

7. Find your favorite mug and enjoy!


Tools needed to brew:

- Grinder with burr blades

- Digital scale

- Timer

- Kettle

- AeroPress

Brewing Steps

1. Weigh out 16 grams of coffee and 200 grams of distilled water.

2. Grind coffee to a medium to coarse setting.

3. Insert paper filter into detachable plastic cap.

4. Take a small amount of hot water and wet the filter and cap. This will not only warm your vessel but help to keep the filter attached to the cap.

5. Assemble AeroPress. Keep in mind that any residual moisture can compromise your cup profile.

6. Place AeroPress on scale, tare weight, add grounds and shake out to an even bed, being mindful to not have any end up inside the ring-shaped dip at the top.

7. Add distilled water (175°) up to level 1 on chamber.

8. Stir for roughly 10 seconds.

9. Insert plunger and gently press down, pausing when you feel resistance, until plunger reaches grounds.

10. Remove filter cap, push plunder to eject used coffee and rinse seal.

11. Find your favorite mug and enjoy!

Drip Coffee

Tools Needed to Brew:

- Drip coffee maker

- Grinder (preferably with burr blades)

- Filtered water

- Digital scale- Filter (paper or reusable)

Brewing Steps

1. On a digital scale weigh out 50-55 grams of beans.

2. Use a medium grind for beans.

3. Place filter, either paper or reusable, into brew basket and pour in your ground coffee.

4. Pour filtered water to top of reservoir.

5. Press start.

6. Enjoy with your favorite mug!