Cold Brew Tea Benefits & Concoctions

Jen Biro

If you're looking to cut down on your caffeine intake, develop fuller flavors within your tea and increase the overall health benefits you receive from enjoying your favorite cup... look no further than the beautiful simplicity found in cold brewing. Cold brewing tea is just about the easiest thing in the world to do. Pop some loose leaf tea into a container of cold filtered water, let sit for up to 12 hours and strain. Viola! The result is a tea that has fewer tannins, producing a flavor that is much less astringent than hot brewed tea with a smoother,...

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How The Tea , Bar and Restaurant Communities Can Flourish Together - A White Paper Presented by The World Tea Expo

Chris Chantler

Tea: An Overlooked Menu Item A White Paper Presented by : The World Tea Expo & The Night Club And Bar Show By Chris Chantler, Co Founder - Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co   You don’t have to be a fortune teller to be mesmerized by tea. This simple drink is the world’s most popular beverage, second only to water. No other beverage has had such a long and prolific impact on the world. From the opium wars in China to the Boston Tea Party, countries have been colonized, conquered and lost all for the sake of this far...

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Update on VMCT's contributions to Costa Rica's Coope Tarrazu

Jen Biro

The Tarrazu region is the only place in Costa Rica where coffee production is actually growing. Around 19,000 pickers come to the area during harvest time, of which 10,000 will pick for the Co-op. The Co-op provides nurseries agronomy support, training, and a whole host of services. Coffee pulp is converted into organic fertilizer, coffees trees are given to farmers to maintain crop health, and power for the offices is generated from solar panels. The Co-Op also owns businesses such as  gas stations , supermarkets, and veterinary clinics which   generate profits to the cooperative members at the end of the year. Because...

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The Roastery Cafe Is Open For Dine In & Outdoor Seating OPEN DAILY 7am - 6pm

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Name of business: Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea – Roastery Cafe

Physical address: Meadow Mountain Business Park, 23698 US Hwy 24 Minturn, CO 81645        

Phone number: 970-827-4008



What goods or services are you offering at this time?

We are offering all coffee and tea drinks to go along with our freshly baked sweet and savory treats. We are still offering all seven brewing options along with a full flight of espresso drinks. All of our coffees are available in our standard retail package and 5-pound bulk bags . We have added breakfast quiches and empanadas along with beer and wine.

How have you adjusted to serve your customers during these unprecedented times?

We are offering pick up of our bulk items in a drop box outside the front door and the opportunity to pre-order drinks for take-out. We have hand sanitizing stations at the front door and adjacent to the espresso bar. We are also following all social distancing protocols laid out by Eagle County Health.

We just started offering free delivery on all retail orders placed online at from Edwards to East Vail. We have 65 whole-leaf teas and 35 coffees to bring to your doorstep. Place your order each week for Thursday delivery.

How can the community support you?

The community has been amazing by purchasing 5-pound bags of freshly roasted coffee directly from us. We had a parent from Red Sandstone Elementary School order coffee to be shipped as gifts to all 29 teachers as a thank you for their extra efforts. Also, we offer free shipping on our website and many people have been placing orders to ship home to friends and family as a “stay-at-home gift”. This has helped us maintain our staff for the past six weeks.

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?

Our website,, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What’s the response been? What comments have you heard from the public or from your employees? 

Our customers are very happy that we have stayed open. People, in general, are concerned about our local economy and what recovery will look like but on the whole, there is a fair amount of optimism. I believe that our employees are very happy that we have created a situation that we are still able to do business and they have been able to stay employed.

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves?

We will continue to build on our bulk sales for people to enjoy our coffee and tea brewed in their homes. When we move to dining in, we have a big area that we will be able to create a welcoming environment with great social distancing. Also, as our restaurant and lodging community reopens its doors, we will be ready to service all of their wholesale needs.

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Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co.has long history in Vail Valley (video)

Chris Chantler

Dine and Drink

You may not realize that your daily ritual of sipping coffee may come from a very close source. Sure, the beans may be imported from Indonesia, Africa, South and Central America, but if you are drinking a brew from Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Company, it's roasted right here in Eagle County.


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